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Next Game (Announced Wednesdays)

Date: 7-June-2014 Saturday Time: 10:30 AM (Arrive before 10:00) Location: CQAFL: Lianglukou... 10 May 2014 Read more...

Friendly CQIFC 4-0 Horse Song

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CAFL (Super Team Group) 2014 Game 1 CQIFC 1-2 CQ Fresh Wave Football Club

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CAFL (Super Team Group) 2014 Game 7 CQIFC 0-2 A Statin Media

Get out the Slip and Slide   ... 01 April 2014 Read more...
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Next Game (Announced Wednesdays)

Date: 7-June-2014 Saturday

Time: 10:30 AM (Arrive before 10:00)

LocationCQAFL: Lianglukou Chongqing Stadium (大田湾体育场 (两路口站))

Kit: White (Bring Both!!!)

Mark your calenders: 14-Jun-2014: Semi-Annual Chengdu Invitational Tournament (Location: Chongqing)


CAFL (Super Team Group) 2014 Game 7 CQIFC 0-2 A Statin Media
Get out the Slip and Slide 


Sunday 25 May, CQIFC Vs A Statin Media: Rain Stopped Play 


Chongqing International Football Club played A Statin Media at Lianglukou on a rain soaked Sunday afternoon.

Inexplicable regulations prevented players from using fully studded boots; in continued downpour on an already sodden pitch, the Exiles were akin to ducks on ice.  Conditions prevented our elite band of brothers from their usual playing style – flowing total football – and reduced them to Stoke-ish agricultural tactics on an agricultural field. 


In the early period there was little possession to speak of; the front pairing of Hooman and Michael received just sporadic and sprawled service,and were unable to make any headway.  Kearney was putting in a shift at midfield; although, with muddy dives and comical slips the game at times resembled an episode of Total Wipeout.


China is not known for its open media, and this one proved no exception, with a solid back four unruffled by either the volley of long balls or the weather, the locals appeared to be benefiting from a relatively lower centre of gravity..  


Their competitiveness created chances early on, and keeper Brad was kept on his toes by a through ball, fortunately reading the game well and rushing to deny the onrushing striker, and scooping an area the size of Wales from the pitch in the process. 

Halfway through the first half the Media’s right wing journalist enjoyed relative freedom of movement and cut past several defenders who could but slump embarrassingly into the mud, and scooped the ball over Brad and into the upper left corner to make it 1-0.

Unable to regroup and retain possession the Exiles were soon under pressure again, and conceded a soft penalty in which the striker was more stuck in the mud than unfairly impeded.  However, Brad's gravity defying leap and strong hands kept the deficit down to one, and fans on the sideline were heard to comment on the similarities with the leap of a youthful salmon in the upper reaches of a Scottish bairn during mating season.

In was a late wake up call for CQIFC, who battled for more possession, forced two corners and had Hooman come close with an effort from the left hand side of the area.  They appeared to have the momentum when the whistle went for half time. 

But with no letup in conditions, the second half saw more of the same.  The game descended from tragedy to farce and the pitch was starting to resemble the Somme, with CQIFC players seen dropping to the ground like soldiers in the first wave over the top.

A shining light in his first game was Alphonse who put in a very solid performance at left back, showing tenacity in defence and creativity going forwards.  Also seen to burst beyond the front pairing was Veser, filling in as a very-free-roaming centre back on the day.


The Statins continued to cope better with the conditions and keep the Exiles’ with their backs to the soggy wall.  And when a short ball through the middle found a frontline journalist he slipped it past the Exiles' incoming keeper. 2-0.

With twenty minutes to go the outlook for the Exiles was as ominous as the weather forecast.  Fresh legs offered a boost but not break the deadlock.  At the 90 minute mark there was a sense of a thoroughly unenjoyable afternoon all round.


CAFL (Super Team Group) 2014 Game 6 CQIFC 3-0 Elephants
Heating Up


Chongqing, one of the five furnaces of China, exhibited it's microwave tendencies this past Saturday as the CQIFC Exiles took to the pitch. The circumstances of the previous match set the stage for a redemption story; playing despite the heat which whips the air out of ones lungs and takes a baseball bat to your diaphragm. The game was played against the Elephants, 1st place in the CAFL Super Group at the time. 


The Exiles started off strong, attacking swiftly down the left side. Several blazing runs by Marco Veser turned futile, even as his marathon legs controlled the midfield. The game stayed thoroughly in the Elephants half, exiles controlling the ball and battering the Elephant defense. This was in large part to the stellar play of Evan Forrester, Todd Kearney, and the two Matts holding down the powerful midfield. Finally the defense broke as Marco came through to punch one in. 

Then the game began to get chippy; both teams frustrated by heat, rough playing surface, and player tension began to take their frustrations out on each other. Several yellow cards were handed out among players on both sides.


Late in the second half the lead was put out of reach by Evan Forrester’s glorious header and with the capper put in by Marco: Matthew Miles played a free kick ball square into the middle of the crossbar, flying back up into the air and straight back down onto the waiting foot of Marco Veser for his second goal of the afternoon. 


Beginning the second half Matthew Miles picked up his second yellow card, seating him with a red and the Exiles became undermanned. CQIFC responded with more forward attacking but then suffered another sling and arrow of great misfortune as the Irish half of the vaunted Matthew Duo was booked; a second card for continuing to play the ball on an offsides call, leaving the Exiles to 9 men. The stellar defense played a humongous part in netting 3 points for CQIFC as Bill Lanthese, Luc Donald, and Alberto Barbosa played like a brick wall, refusing to let any goals get in behind them.  


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